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Holly Near/​Ronnie Gilbert - This Train Still Runs

The magic is still there! It's been more than a decade since these two magnificent singers joined forces and recorded their first album, Lifeline... this 1996 collection features passionate duos and stunning solos from these long time artists, activists and cultural workers who have touched and transformed many lives. 19 tracks in all, including When I'm Not Near the Girl I Love, Marie, Pastures of Plenty, Agitator, Home Is Where the Heart Is, Music In My Mother's House. And 2 songs from Ronnie's one-woman musical play, "Mother Jones, the Most Dangerous Woman in America."

Track Listing
1 This Train Still Runs
2 It's About Time
3 Trouble In Mind
4 Home Is Where The Heart Is
5 In The Quiet Morning
6 Agitator
7 Build High The Bridge
8 Music In My Mother's House
9 When I'm Not Near The Girl I Love
10 Look At The Way
11 Marie
12 Through The Years
13 Poet, The Wife And The Monkey, The
14 La Pajita - (English translation)
15 Why Oh Why
16 We're Not Alone
17 When The Stars Begin To Fall
18 Pastures Of Plenty
19 Power And Glory

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